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Business Forensic Accounting

Simply put, forensic accounting is the combination of accounting and investigative skills to examine a business’s finances. This is a process often used when building legal cases and examining for fraud and embezzlement. Forensic accounting is also useful for detecting and correcting errors in accounting. These errors are more commonplace than one may suspect, and can cause overpayment or delinquencies on taxes. If you believe that there are discrepancies in your books, it is crucial that you contact a forensic accountant to protect yourself and your business.

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Our CEO and founder Said Parsi is a Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Accounting. This is a designation reserved for those who have made professional achievements and contributions to the field of forensic accounting. Our diligence and emphasis on precision assures that we do not miss any detail when investigating your finances. You can expect the highest level of expertise when relying on our forensic accounting services.

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