Personal CPA Services

L.A.’s Top Personal CPAs

Parsi & Company, CPA is a CPA firm located in Century City. Our highly personalized service and emphasis on precision and accuracy minimizes our clients’ tax exposure while making sure they never los an audit. We cater our services to your specific needs with great attention to detail and high levels of expertise. We work with individuals and businesses all over the United States. Our team of experienced accountants and financial experts can help you grow your business and will be your biggest ally while navigating the financial world.

Tax Preparation

Our licensed CPAs will use their expertise to minimize your tax liability while assuring you will not receive any penalties from tax agencies.

Tax Dispute Resolution

Received an audit notice from the IRS? Not knowing how to proceed can be unnerving. Rest assured we can guide you on a path to a resolution.

Trust & Estate Planning

Proper planning will prevent courts from making decisions you are more fit to make, and prevents tax agencies from taking a large cut of your assets.

Loan Applications

Taking out a home equity loan to make an investment, or taking out a personal line of credit to consolidate a debt, a good CPA can help you maximize your loan amount while minimizing your interest rates.

Forensic Accounting

The combination of accounting and investigative skills to examine an entity’s finances.

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