Business Tax Dispute Resolutions

Tax Dispute Resolutions

Receiving a notice of an audit or an intent to levy from the IRS or other tax agency can be unnerving and leave you without knowing how to proceed. Rest assured that we can help you find a route to resolution. We communicate with the IRS and other government tax agencies on a daily basis, and are familiar with what they expect from you.

Our Resolution Process

As soon as you retain the services of our experienced resolution team, we will take the entire dispute resolution process off of your hands. In over 25 years of business, we have handled countless tax disputes, and have never lost an audit. Tax agencies do not seek to needlessly burden the taxpayer. They simply seek to be assured that they will be paid what is fair and possible, and are willing to work with you to do so. Our excellent reputation as a CPA firm reassures them that we are looking for an amicable resolution, and makes them far more willing to work with us and our clients.

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